Trip to Libya, november 2006.


Pictures from the trip is uploaded to this website when I receive them.

Most simple: burn the pictures to a CD in full resolution (you might want to organize them by date, site,...), mail the CD's to me (adress: Asbjoern Petersen, Lejrevej 6, DK-2700 Bronshoj, Denmark). Send me a mail if in doubt ( "Ordinary" films can be transferred as electronic pictures to a CD at the time of development (but much more difficult and expensive afterwards). Look for the appropriate "check-box" on the photo-envelope or ask your photodealer.

From this website the pictures can be downloaded to yor own PC or tranferred to a photocompany for papercopies. When all pictures are received I might make "complete-CDs" available. Send me a mail if this is of any interest.


Maps from Gina here (click large picture to high-resolution).

Pictures from Bente here.

Pictures from Gina here.

Pictures from Gudrun here.

Pictures from Britta here.

Pictures from Asbjørn here.

Pictures from Anette here.

Pictures from Birgitte here.

Pictures from Marianne here.

Pictures from Gunilla here.


Technically the trip was arranged by Walid Jallah from Alfalak tours in Libya.

He and his subcontractors did a very fine job !